Advantages Of Sports Related Franchise Opportunities

Advantages of sports-related franchise opportunities

If you want a winning formula for starting your own business, then making money out of something you truly enjoy is as close as it gets to the perfect opportunity.

Especially if you’re doing something that a very large proportion of the population would also be interested in!

For some would-be entrepreneurs, this makes a sports-related franchise a very exciting prospect.

Here, we explore the benefits of a franchise business in sports in more detail. With particular emphasis on how to build your own business providing community sports activities for children of course!

The UK’s love of sport

One of the best things about franchises that involve sports is that you don’t necessarily have to be active yourself. You can come from a solely business background, have enjoyed a career in education, or potentially come at this from a completely novel angle.

The fact remains that the British love sports, and you are likely to find a ready market for your sports-related business.

(Did you know the oldest team sport in the world is believed to be polo? The first recorded tournament – Turkomans v Persians – was in 600 B.C.)

As sport is such a buoyant business sector, if you start a franchise under The Little Foxes Club brand you can actively coach yourself or take a ‘back seat’ and let your team of local coaches do all the ‘leg work’.

Job Satisfaction And Franchising

Tapping into national trends

The post-pandemic interest in all things connected to health and fitness includes all ages and areas of the UK. Sport England reports that involvement in physical activity has boomed in recent times.

Add that to the existing concerns about childhood obesity and isolation, and you can see how a business providing sports activities for children dovetails with what many parents want and need.

Access to national funding

Community-based sports services are not just in demand from parents and their children though. The Government has been ramping up financial support for physical activities. Including setting aside considerable funding to enable schools to create better physical education, extracurricular sports and holiday activities.

A sports-related franchise involving children puts you in a great position to approach many thousands of schools that are outsourcing to local providers.

A great work from home franchise

Running a local business related to sports provision is also a fabulous way to work from home.

The advantages of this are numerous, including being able to launch a low-cost franchise. No expensive premises or stock are needed – though transport for sports equipment is vital.

A home-based franchise is highly versatile and keeps your business running costs down too.

Franchise option for parents

Launching a sports-related franchise is also one of the best ways to be your own boss as a parent. You can fit it easily around your family commitments.

The Little Foxes Club is the perfect example of a flexible franchise for parents. It even offers excellent school holiday activities, so your children can join in the fun!

A start-up with a strong ROI

All the above show that the potential profits from a sports-related franchise are considerable. Here’s another thing that illustrates the likely return on investment from franchising in this sector.

Steady growth in the global sports market is continuing, and it’s estimated it will be worth a mind-boggling $1.1 TRILLION by 2025. Who wouldn’t want a slice of that?


Job satisfaction and franchising

However, one of the biggest motivations for choosing a franchise agreement is often being your own boss with a great deal of help and support. As well as the backing of a nationally known brand for your start-up.

You feel less isolated as a self-employed person and can grow your business using a reassuringly expert team that’s always available and part of your deal.

This is 100% true of a franchise arrangement with The Little Foxes Club. However, there are other ways that this type of sports-related franchise can be an enjoyable experience.

At the end of each working day, you will have helped under 14-year-olds to get fitter and healthier and develop a love of sports. Participants will have made new friends and socialised, learning new physical skills. As The Little Foxes Club is a highly inclusive sports provider for children, your participants will also have developed confidence and self-esteem.

For some, this is the BEST advantage of a sports franchise!

Contact us to discuss your personal aims and ambitions in running your own sports-related franchise for children.

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