Start Business With Sports Background

Best way to start a business with an education or sports background

Best way to start a business with an education or sports background
The best launchpad for a new business start-up is your existing experience, skills and contacts.

That’s true whether you have been considering ways to become your own boss for some time or you are becoming self-employed following redundancy or another life event.

However, if you have worked in education or sports in the past, it can seem tricky to put that to good use to launch your own business venture.

To help you out, here are some ideas for start-ups with a strong chance of success. Naturally, some of them explain the franchising route to owning your own business in the fields of education and sport.

Be a tutor or coach

This is the most obvious option. Simply pass on your understanding and abilities to others. In either education or sport, this is a good work-from-home business idea. You don’t need expensive premises, though clearly, you may need sports equipment relevant to your area of expertise.

You will definitely need a good computer though. To run your business and build and update a website and social media for your digital marketing. You will also need to network extensively, to build trust and start getting students referred to you.

Blogging, social media and photography

This is a very modern way to make money if you are interested in sports, though you may also find a way to be an education-based influencer! There are teachers on TikTok, for example, turning their experiences into a money-spinning venture.

If you are brilliant behind the camera, could you make money by taking sports photographs at local events and clubs?

Creating blogs about any topic, building a photography portfolio or becoming a social media influencer, is often a slow and uncertain way to enjoy a healthy income though.

Start a franchise business

A fabulous way to avoid a lot of the ‘legwork’ in starting your own business is to find a franchise connected to education or sport. For example, you could open a gym as a franchisee, or set up an education franchise with a national tutoring brand.

You get the best of both worlds when you become a The Little Foxes Club franchisee! You will work with schools and nurseries, to deliver community-based sports initiatives in your chosen area.

The advantage of choosing franchising to start your own business are numerous, including the backing of a successful business model and the kudos from their brand. An education/sports franchise partner will also give you masses of free advice and support, and readymade policies, procedures and systems.

In the case of The Little Foxes Club, this even involves a centralised admin, communications and booking system for children’s sports sessions, leaving you free to grow your own venture in a creative and dynamic way.

ECommerce to sell relevant products

To use your education or sports background to be your own boss doesn’t necessarily involve being active yourself, or even working with local coaches and tutors to deliver activities. There are many diverse products associated with these business sectors, that you can source and sell via an online shop.

Such as sportswear and health supplements, or educational books and aids.

This does involve tying money up in stock and an excellent eCommerce site though and having good storage and logistics solutions.


Start Business With Sports Background 2

Is there profit in sports and education businesses?

Particularly post-pandemic, education and sports are two of the biggest growth sectors, making them fertile ground for new start-ups.

For instance, the UK sports industry is already worth £23.8 billion and growing fast. Whereas demand for educational products and services is also higher than ever.

Carving a share of the massive UK market in sports and education sounds very attractive. However, keep in mind that your relevant experience in these fields needs to go alongside excellent general business skills too. Especially as 60% of small and medium-sized companies in the UK never make it to their third year.

The best trading partner to launch a sports/education business

If you do decide that working with schools to deliver children’s sporting activities is the best way to use a career in education or sports, The Little Foxes Club would love to have a chat.

We can’t guarantee your success of course, but funnelling your experience into a local franchise with us puts you ‘on track’ for strong business growth while achieving your self-employment ‘goals’.

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