Frequently asked questions

Some of the commonly asked questions about franchising, and starting a community-based children’s sports business with The Little Foxes Club.

Not at all. You can actively coach children as part of your community sports franchise. However, you can also concentrate on managing and developing the business, using a team of qualified coaches you recruit and support. This is a local franchise opportunity that suits people with a wide range of skills and career backgrounds; not just sporty types!

This home-based franchise opportunity is ideal for parents. You can shape it around your family commitments and set your own hours. It is up to you when you deliver children’s sports activities in your local community – during or after school, in holidays or at weekends for instance. Getting your own kids involved is good for them too!

Your return on investment from sports-related franchising is largely up to you. It depends on how many hours you assign to being your own boss in children’s sports coaching, how many contacts you nurture and therefore how many sessions you deliver in any given year.

What we can say, is that this is a successful franchise package. It helps ambitious local people to create a strong income from delivering children’s sports activities in communities.

You would be buying into a successful children’s sports coaching business – which provides you with a lot of the steps you need to start your own enterprise. However, we would also help you create a business plan specific to you. Including mapping out your personal ambitions and local opportunities for delivering sports coaching to children in your area.

Little Foxes insists that all coaches and support staff within our franchise network are DBS checked and trained in childcare, safeguarding and Child Protection issues. Venues are always risk assessed too. This is all part of the high level of information and training we invest in our new franchisees.

Simple. We provide a huge amount of help with scheduling your community sports activities for children, including sending out emails, processing bookings and chasing payments. This centralised calendar and booking system is one of the things that makes Little Foxes a unique franchise opportunity in grassroots sports provision.

Lots of support in managing a franchise is one of the many reasons to choose a sports franchise package with us. Though we let our team use their own creativity and local contacts to develop their own programmes, we are there when we are needed! Including providing insights and advice on things like accounts and cash flow.

As we are committed to equal opportunities and inclusivity in all we do, the ‘qualifications’ you need to start your own franchise in sports coaching are simple. You need to be over 18 years of age, and be capable of passing screening by the DBS. Beyond that, all you need is the confidence, interest and commitment to deliver children’s sports at a community level.

We provide a lot of advice on starting your own franchise in children’s sports programmes. Including the things, you need to know before signing a franchise agreement. However, you would still benefit from showing your agreement and business plan to an accountant and solicitor, to make sure you have everything in place for a successful local business venture.

Choosing an area to launch a sports-related franchise for children covers a lot of ‘ground’. First, to benefit from a Little Foxes franchise package, you would need a unique territory that we don’t already cover. Then, find somewhere you know well, and you feel needs more community-based sports activities. Perhaps you could start your own business based on existing community contracts or involvement in the local sports scene? It clearly pays to launch a children’s sports business in a geographical location with lots of family homes too.

A business providing community sports activities for children is a great opportunity for multiple franchise operations.

We provide help in choosing the first location for a new franchise and then support you in growing your income. If you decide to find more areas for sports coaching programmes, we help you to become a multi-location franchisee.

As part of The Little Foxes Club franchise package, you will be provided with your own website, and help in marketing your franchise business locally. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to grow a new franchise!

If you decide to step back from a successful community sports coaching business, we can explore franchise resale opportunities and a franchise exit strategy with you.

As we have strict rules about how children’s sports programmes should be delivered in terms of quality and safety, your agreement will include a commitment to protecting those standards. If you do things that go against that commitment, we can remove your ability to trade under The Little Foxes Club brand and franchise structure.