Boost Grassroots Sports

How can I boost grassroots sports provision in my community?

The advantages of taking part in sports are many and cross all age groups. Nothing unites a community like sport does and taking part at any level provides wonderful fitness and fun.

A love of sport often starts when we are young, but sadly, technology and modern life have combined to keep kids indoors and on devices! A global pandemic that kept everyone at home didn’t help that situation!

The result is a big push to build more school and community-based sports provisions in the UK. If this is something you believe in – for you or your children – how can you get involved in boosting grassroots sport?

Turn it into your job

Before we outline low-key and easy ways to boost grassroots sports provision, it’s important to point out that it’s a really good time to start a business providing community-based sporting activities!

The Government has set aside substantial funding to develop both curriculum-based and extracurricular physical activities and sports. Launching a business that taps into that could ensure you are successful from the start.

It’s what The Little Foxes Club does, along with a raft of other initiatives to make grassroots sports more buoyant and accessible. We’ve become so successful, that we are sharing our business model with a team of franchisees across the UK.

Could you see yourself being your own boss, recruiting local sports coaches, and getting exciting community sports sessions and events organised? This could be your ideal career move!

Become a sports coach or assistant coach

This route to stimulating more local sports in your area is self-explanatory. If you already have a good level of understanding and ability in a particular type of sport, you could contact the governing body for details of official coaching schemes and qualifications.

By the way, The Little Foxes Club is often on the lookout for new certified sports coaches for our programmes, so get in touch when you ‘graduate’!

Boost Grassroots Sports 2

Find your niche

If you don’t want a job in sports provision or even to coach in your free time, what else can you do?

One way is to contact local sports clubs and organisations and ask what they need more of.

You could then become a player, volunteer helper or simply an active supporter on match days.

Could you do some fundraising for a local sports team, or provide free professional services to help them run the business side of things? Your company could sponsor a match day programme or a trophy at the awards night too.

Remember, not all grassroots sports involve team participation. Could you help restore and improve local paths, bridleways, beaches and parks, for local walkers, runners, riders and spontaneous players?

Get a new sports activity, club or tournament ‘up and running’

If you can’t find a local team to get involved with, why not start your own community sports club, or even form a community league?

This method of growing local sports activities nearby can be summed up by ‘team building’. You could start by recruiting your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family to meet regularly to do a popular sports activity. Then get them to invite their friends.

Clearly, organising children’s sports activities is a lot more complex than that, and involves vital safety and protection protocols but chat to the team at The Little Foxes Club for key insights.

Getting support for your grassroots sports team

If you do get involved in a new or existing local sports club or event, your biggest battle will be funding. This can mean showcasing to other people, just how important grassroots sport is.

For example, did you know that sports participation has a substantial impact on reducing crime? Then there are the health benefits of children engaging in community sports sessions.

It’s the sort of information that helps you to gain sponsorship and support. You could even invite local companies to get involved, as part of their employee, customer or community relations programmes.

By the way, The Little Foxes Club provides help to new and existing community sports clubs and leagues, based on our own experience from creating the massively successful Foxes FC.

Help to boost grassroots sports ‘near me’

The Sport & Recreation Alliance has produced ‘Get Your Kit On: A Guide to Grassroots Sport and Recreation’ which provides more information.

If you do decide that starting a business providing community sports services is an option, contact our Franchise Team for a no-obligation, friendly chat.

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