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How to find the best franchise options ‘near me’

If you browse a directory of franchise opportunities in the UK (or globally) you will find this is now a hugely popular way to start your own business. However, don’t get carried away with an exciting start-up idea until you have checked whether that’s a franchise that’s suitable for your home area.

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits to basing a new business venture within a community close to where you live. It cuts travel time (and costs) for one. Also, you may well have ready-made customers and contacts.

There are potential stumbling blocks though when choosing a franchise for your locality, and ways around them.

Would a franchise work in my area?

The best parent companies that offer franchise agreements make sure that there is only one of their specific network in any geographical area – it’s called exclusivity. It stops you from having to compete with other people doing the same thing, under the same national brand.

However, some organisations that offer franchise packages go one step further. They only encourage business start-ups in areas of high demand.

The reasons are logical. No company should willingly let you launch a new local enterprise knowing that you have strong, well-established competition that would be hard to ‘crack’. Or, where there is poor local need for the products or services you’re about to offer.

The best franchise opportunities are all about helping you make a success of your new business right from the start!

In fact, that’s one of the biggest reasons to take the franchise route to becoming your own boss. You get to ‘hit the ground running’. So, choosing the wrong area to launch in, is counterproductive.

Find (and mind) the gap

There are two ways to approach this then if you want to ‘find a franchise opportunity near me’.

One option is to look around your area and see what’s missing. Is there a lack of a certain kind of service, or a limited supply of a certain type of product?

For instance, you could gauge whether your local area has enough support for grassroots sport and whether schools nearby have good quality physical activity providers they can outsource to. If this all seems thin on the ground in your chosen location, you are already on the way to being a winner with The Little Foxes Club franchise!

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Researching attractive, low cost franchises

Alternatively, you could approach this from a different angle.

You could start by researching the sort of franchises that would be enjoyable to run, and which fit brilliantly with your career to date, interests and preferences. Then, get in touch with them, and check whether your area is still available for a franchise start-up.

If they say no, your area is covered or not ‘fertile ground’, then simply pick a new geographic location that you can get to relatively easily. Keep in mind that many of your activities when running a successful franchise involve working from home anyway!

Again, using The Little Foxes Club as an example, you could recruit sports coaches in the area you have decided to cover, and then you don’t need to travel to actively support their sessions every time.

More on picking locations for franchise start-ups

What would happen if you got in touch with The Little Foxes Club to ask about the best area to run a children’s sports-related franchise in?

We love to use our franchisee’s local knowledge and connection with their local community. So your ideas on the best location for a franchise start-up will be important to us.

However, we will let you know if your home area is already covered, or has other issues which limit its potential to be a great place to launch a child-related franchise delivering sports activities.

If that is the case, we would work with you to map out a different ‘footprint’ for your start-up venture.

For us, helping you to find both the best franchise opportunity and location is really important. Not just to grow our successful company, but also so you get a great deal of satisfaction and joy from being your own boss!

Get in touch to discuss franchise territories under the leading brand of children’s sports providers.

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